The Project

Atelier Kastelet - art gallery & caffe

What propels an art gallery into that exclusive group that comprises the best in the world? This question doesn’t have a simple answer but there are some points on which we can all agree. Unlike art museums, art galleries serve a commercial purpose. For example, “wildly popular”, “prominent”, “trend-setting” and “head-turning” are adjectives that signify a venue that is a hothouse of admiration and au courant trendiness.

Presently, the best art galleries worldwide are those that combine art with multiple experiences. Thus, architecture and design play a huge part in our concept. The way an art gallery is designed not only affects how visitors and clients perceive it visually and navigate it spatially but may even affect the gallery’s level of economic success.

And running a successful gallery while taking into account the site’s unique heritage will present its own challenges. Challenges which we will surmount by ensuring that the design of the building combines this historic legacy with a modern spacious architecture that considers all the gallery’s operational requirements. Beautifully designed gardens will complement the main building and provide additional recreational and outdoor exhibition spaces. A perfect synergy for the arts programme we anticipate presenting.

The gallery spaces will meet international museum standards and will include flexible walls, LED lighting, climate control to maintain curatorially required temperature and humidity levels, state-of-the-art security and health and safety systems. And naturally separate storage areas for artworks and catering supplies will also be incorporated into the overall design. Access to the exhibition spaces will of course be at ground floor level. 

Our aim is to develop Atelier Kaštelet as a venue of national and international significance, a meeting place and platform for cultural and educational collaborations. The facilities are relatively small, but excellent for conferences, seminars, meetings and corporate events, providing an exceptional environment close to art and nature.

The restaurant will offer a selective menu with delicious refreshments, ranging from local delicacies to three course meals and will also be able to cater for dinner parties. Furthermore, a small gift shop with merchandise made by local crafts people and artists also forms part of our overall concept. These amenities together with comfortable seating for both rest and the contemplation of the art displays will ensure an unforgettable visit. 

Our ambitions are not only to create and establish a profitable business. We also wish to provide our visitors with an opportunity to view exhibitions that both explore and reflect today’s society. We will introduce innovative artists who present an unconventional aesthetic as well as contemporary concepts inherent in art and in so doing provide art and culture which may be enjoyed by everyone.

Necessary utilities like lighting, a security system, a sound system and climate control to maintain optimum art preservation temperatures and humidity levels, will have to be provided and the building codes observed respectively.

We will ensure that safety regulations, such as how many points of egress the gallery must have and how accessible they must be, are followed closely to ensure visitor’s safety and to avoid regulatory issues.

We seek to develop the art space as a meeting place and a platform for cultural collaborations and learning. Our aim is to find new ways for everyone to experience art and culture. The facilities are relatively small, but excellent to use for conferences, meetings and corporate events. The premises could offer a unique environment close to art and nature that could enable exciting meetings. We would also like to offer food and refreshments, from light snacks to full dinner parties.

Besides the food, the restaurant should feature the works of art heavily in its interiors. The restaurant should be interspersed through the gallery spaces in order to provide a “natural breathing and resting spots” for visitors while they are looking at the exhibits.

We hope visitors to the gallery can appreciate the art and beyond, and make the public space more alive.

In addition, a possible small sales corner could be established. Our aim is to have a primarily profitable business and also provide our visitors with an opportunity to view exhibitions that explore and reflect the society today and introduce the concepts and approaches in art.

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